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Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens apologizes for assaulting his wife

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Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been confronted with a serious challenge to his freedom and reputation after having had a violent fight with his wife. It appears both he and his wife feel absolutely terrible about this incident. Rice has said he is really sorry for having failed miserably in regard to this incident reported ESPN on May 24, 2014.

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His voice was shaking with emotion when Rice extended his apologies for the actions which resulted in his arrest on assault charges. He was arrested back in February in Atlantic City, New Jersey at which time he allegedly struck his fiancee Janay Palmer. The couple was married later in February and clearly want to leave this tragic episode in their lives behind them and move forward now.

Rice and his wife recently addressed the media together about this incident reports TMZ. They each expressed regrets for the violent incident which took place at a New Jersey casino. Rice extended his apologies to the Ravens, his fans, and his wife. He says the couple has since had counseling sessions and they feel this has helped them out.

Rice and his wife have taken time with the help of their counseling to reflect on each other. Clearly they are both committed to working things out and to becoming better people and a stronger couple. Palmer says she is sorry for the role she played in the violent incident although she and her husband have not been real clear about exactly what led up to the incident and what really happened.

Prosecutors have agreed to drop the 3rd degree aggravated assault charge against Rice if he successfully completes a pretrial intervention program. This program lets defendants avoid prosecution pending the completion of a rehabilitation program. It looks as if Rice and his wife are doing well with this deal and now have a chance for a good future together. When the motivation to work on correcting past mistakes and to be a better person is sincere this type of rehabilitation program clearly has great potential.


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