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Ray Rice marries Janay Palmer: Why do women get tried of playing Second Fiddle?

It's official. Ray Rice is a married man. Ray Rice and Jay Palmer marry one day after the assault case moves forward in New Jersey. If you don’t recall the assault case, Ray Rice allegedly assaulted his now wife Janay Palmer on February 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day.

Why did Ray Rice play Janay Palmer as Second Fiddle?
Photo by Michael Loccisano

There’s a surveillance video TMZ osted of Ray dragging Janay’s limp body out of an elevator and onto the floor. Ray Rice was charged with third degree aggravated assault the last Thursday of March.

There’s more to the story of Ray Rice and Janay Palmer tying the knot. Some may think the couple had a shotgun wedding to make sure Janay Palmer ( now Janay Rice) could not be forced to testify against her now husband Ray Rice. However, spousal privilege does not apply in this case because the alleged assault was committed against the spouse.

This whole ordeal happened because Janay got tried of playing second fiddle to Ray Rice. That young lady has been with Ray Rice for nearly 10 years and he didn’t put a ring on it until he comes across trouble.

She most likely confronted him about girls. No woman wants a man to cheat on her, especially when a woman is the mother of your child.

There are four reasons why guys won’t settle down, and I am here to tell you why:

  1. A man is career oriented to a point a man won’t lock down a great woman. Instead, he rather string her along because he knows he will always put his career first. Don’t play second fiddle to his career.
  2. He is a committed to being a lifelong player. As you know, most men hate the idea of missing out on their next potential conquest. Don’t be another notch on his belt, you’re better than that. A man always out for the next best thing will commit to closing his self off to a real emotional relationship. He is just down for the physical… giving you the title of girlfriend of fiancee will be used just to shut you up and let you go on the trip to nowhere.
  3. He is afraid of commitment. You want to get married or move in together…you can forget about it. He’ll run. Men fear the concept of marriage. Men fear having only one sex partner for the rest of their lives. Or worse, he has no idea what he wants out of his future.
  4. He hasn’t found the one. Not every guy is a monster. You never know what a romantic relationship is like unless you’re seeing it from the inside.
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