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Ray Manzarek featured on 'Napa Crossroads'

Ray Manzarek who lived the last decade of his life in the Napa Valley is a featured player on 'Napa Crossroads'
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Ray Manzarek was part of the Los Angeles diaspora that traded the ‘neon groves’ of L.A. (which were once groves of orange trees) and Hollywood for the actual groves of vineyards in Napa Valley, and in what may be one of the final projects Manzarek was involved in is being released. “Napa Crossroads’ is a collection of songs put together by David Pack and sings (literally) of the virtues of Napa and the vineyards and includes the participation of Ray Manzarek.

Napa Valley is world renowned for its wines, a culture has developed around it, so much so, that the novel ‘Sideways’ (movie too) highlighted the valley and the wineries as a backdrop. Besides Manzarek, the valley has attracted a lot of former music industry types who have moved there and become part of the life there. David Pack, formerly of the group Ambrosia, is one of those émigrés who relocated. Pack pursued his musical interests in the area and discovered some kindred souls among the vineyard owners. Pack collaborated with the owners of five Napa wineries (Far Niente, Silver Oaks Cellars, Pride Mountain Vineyards, Casa Piena, and Gargiulo Vineyards) on two songs each and asked music industry friends such as Ray Manzarek, Todd Rundgren and Alan Parsons to add their own musical flavor to the songs.

So far ‘Napa Crossroads’ has only been available at the wineries involved, but it will be released on March 11. You can pre-order it at Amazon.

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