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Ray Lewis' retirement - the end of an era

So, the President got his tax hike and his signature is affixed at the bottom of the new "Fiscal Cliff Deal." Now the Republicans can say that "we don't have a revenue problem," because the President got what he asked for. Now, if they can find the intestinal fortitude to transfer ownership of the economic disaster which is the economy to the President and his liberal/socialist/Democrat (LSD) allies in the Congress, they will have a chance to put the blame for its coming failures where it belongs, and make it stick.

The Republicans are apparently going to push for an increase in the age requirement for Social Security and Medicare. How brave of them. 23 million people unemployed with no end in sight, and that's the best that they can come up with.

Why not this? Speaker John Boehner should stand up and propose that every one of those 23 million people should be reimbursed every penny that they've ever paid into the system, and every penny that their employers have matched, along with that "generous" 2% accrued interest. Every one of those 23 million people should be encouraged to invest that money into their own small business. Every one of them should be required to invest a percentage of those funds into a private retirement fund, or a gold mine, or whatever they wish.

The government, after all, "borrowed" funds from the Social Security Fund for decades whenever it needed money to pay for whatever program struck its fancy. All they ever left were IOUs. When they came up with the idea of a "Lockbox" to protect the Social Security System, the only funds left in it were those IOUs. Now, the government can put the cash back in the lockbox and pay everyone back before either party picks the lock.

Both parties have cried to anyone who would listen that the system needs to be fixed. Well, now we have the money to fix it. We don't have a revenue problem. Give the money back to the 23 million unemployed people who really need it. They need it now.

Think about it. Even if each of those 23 million men and women were due to collect $1 million each, the total comes to only $23 million. That's a drop in the bucket compared to the $876 billion that the LSD President and his Congressional allies "borrowed" for "Stimulus" funding. Especially since the "Stimulus" failed to stimulate anything anyway.

It won't happen though. As soon as some LSD even says "Boo," the Republicans will scurry for cover like frightened children who have been told that the boogeyman is coming. One has to wonder how any of them ever manages to win election.

That said, the story that everyone is talking about around these parts is the looming retirement of Ravens' great Ray Lewis.

Unlike the Republicans, Ray Lewis does not lack for courage. He's a man who stands by his convictions, always striving to be the best.

I've watched the NFL for over fifty years, seen the greats of the game. Watched some of the best teams. I hated Vince Lombardi because his Packers always seemed to beat the Colts. The best single player these eyes have ever seen is John Unitas.

But I've never seen a player more dedicated to excellence than Ray Lewis. Why he chose this particular time to announce his retirement is something that only he knows. The guess here is that he is looking to fire up a somewhat less than scintillating Ravens' defense for a run at the Super Bowl. It would be a great thing if he pulled it off.

But even if he doesn't, I say "Thanks, Ray." Watching you play over the last 17 years has almost made me forget the awful reign of Bob Irsay, the theft of the Colts, and 12 years of rooting for anyone but the Colts.

You will be missed. Godspeed!


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