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Ray Jenkins responds to gun rights quiz 2014

Gun rights questions below were submitted to political candidates recently. Here is the response from Ray Jenkins, candidate for Circuit Court Judge, Division I.

Elect Ray Jenkins

I am a candidate for judge so I can't comment on positions or issues that may come before me. However, I am a constitutional conservative and I respect the US Constitution as written.

Liston Matthews

Thank you. Do you have a Tennessee handgun carry permit?

Elect Ray Jenkins

I am a deputized in Knox County and authorized to carry

Elect Ray Jenkins

Also, I have one son in the Army and another who is a gun collector



Good afternoon. I write the Knoxville Gun Rights Examiner Column.

Would you please be so kind to answer the following questions for publication?

1. Do you believe that the Constitution is the "supreme law of the land" and that the Bill of Rights acknowledges our birthrights?

2. If so, should these rights be proactively protected from infringement by all levels of government, including city, county and state?

3. Please give some examples of gun laws you consider constitutional.

4. Please give some examples of gun laws you consider unconstitutional.

5. Does the right to bear arms include the right for any peaceable citizen to carry them concealed without a permit, as in Vermont?

6. Do you believe that Americans have a right to own, use and carry weapons of military pattern, and will you use the prestige of elected office to publicly promote that right?

7. Do you support or oppose registration of weapons? Why?

8. Do you support or oppose licensing requirements to own or carry firearms? Why?

9. What specific gun laws would you work to get repealed if you were in the appropriate office?

10. If elected, will you back your words of support for firearms rights up with consistent actions? How?

11. Do you support arming volunteer staff in our schools as a first line of defense against violent criminal invasion?

Thank you so much for this. I will publish your answers as soon as I get them back from you.

Liston Matthews

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