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Ray J's wedding gift for Kim: Publicity stunt or bitter ex being ugly?

Ray J makes news with a unique wedding gift for Kim and Kanye.
Ray J/InstagramR

Very few people remember when Ray J was bigger than Kim Kardashian but he hasn't forgot. In his newest tasteless stunt, Ray J announces that he has a wedding gift for his former girlfriend. According to TMZ on Monday, Ray J has come to say that he will be gifting Kim part of their sex tape profits as his wedding gift.

Ray J has allegedly pledged to give Kim Kardashian four months of his 2014 profits from their home made sex tape. This reportedly amounts to just over $46k that he has been paid by Vivid Entertainment in the first four months of the year. What's even more surprising than the fact that Ray J is offering up this gift? The fact that the tape is still earning so much money considering it was released seven years ago. Those at Vivid claim that the famous celebrity sex tape has raked in $50 million and is still earning.

What will Ray J do if Kim and Kanye don't accept his very generous wedding gift? He says he will donate to the charity of her choice.

Why is Ray J gifting the queen on Reality TV with such a thoughtful gift? One can only guess but it's probably for the publicity. Don't forget that Ray J also released the controversial single "I Hit It First" was released just months before Kim gave birth to North West, her child with soon-to-be husband Kanye West. While Ray J avoided coming right out and saying the song was about Kim, it made some pretty clear references to Kanye West and Kim's ex-husband Kris Humphries. Don't forget that the album cover was a blurred out picture of Kim Kardashian.

It can be assumed that Ray J is either bitter about Kim and Kanye's upcoming marriage or he's trying to get himself back in the news. If the latter is the case, it worked. "Love & Hip Hop LA" started filming at the end of March and will probably be airing at some point this summer. Ray J is one of the biggest names in the cast of the newest "Love & Hip Hop" franchise.

On the other hand, Ray J has already sent out a dubious tweet that says, "Don't believe everything you read about me. #LiES [sic]" So is he talking about the wedding gift story and calling it a lie? He hasn't responded to clear that up just yet.

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