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Ray Donovan Episode Commentary: "Yo Soy Captain"

"Yo Soy Captain"
"Yo Soy Captain"

America's favorite Hollywood fixer is back. Showtime's "Ray Donovan" returns for it's highly anticipated second season. "Yo Soy Captain" explores new story lines that could have an impact on each character this season including Ray Donovan. This episode was definitely worth the wait, and should set up for an intense second season.

Ray has a new problem he has to deal with. Assistant Director James Cochran (Azaria) is a thorn in Ray's side. Cochran wants answers on how Sully Sullivan was murdered and he needs to speak with Mickey. Cochran gives Ray an ultimatum to find Mickey. The problem is Ray has no idea where his dad is.

The season picks up from where it left off at the end of last season with Ray laying on a beach chair covered in blood, while all of sudden he was being buried alive. Luckily for Ray he was dreaming and we jump ahead two weeks later. “Yo Soy Captain” did not contain as much action we are used to seeing in a Ray Donovan episode, but the end result will not disappoint.

This episode focused mostly on where each of the characters are now. Ray and his wife Abbey are in marriage counseling, Mickey is living la vida loco in Mexico, Bunchy is in rehab, Terry is depressed and stalks his ex girlfriend, and Daryl is being bet against by his own father. Ray's kids Bridgett and Conor seem to be living their normal teenage lives, but trouble hits them fast. Especially Conor, who could potentially involve his family in a serious lawsuit.

Overall, this episode was worth the wait and had plenty of drama involving Donovan and his family. The episode ends in stylish fashion involving a shirtless Ray Donovan, and a baseball bat. If you thought Ray and his family had problems before, think again.