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Ray Donovan Episode Commentary: "Uber Ray"

"Uber Ray"
"Uber Ray"

Mickey returns home while being set up for parole, Ray is now stuck babysitting his father, Abbey lives wild and free and benefits in the end. “Uber Ray” was a lack luster episode with a few laughs and slow build up. This episode did not have much going for it aside from an introduction to a few new characters, Mr. Keith played by Wendall Pierce (“The Wire”),who is Mikey's new parole officer, and Kate played by Vinessa Shaw (“Lady Bugs”) a reporter trying to prove that the F.B.I. was behind Sully's murder. These characters were as dull as dry paint on the wall.

“Uber Ray” focused more on Mickey's parole in which he tries to sweet talk his believed to be attractive parole officer. Little do we know that Ray has different plans for his father and will do anything to keep him in line so that both of them can stay out of jail.

This season's start was not explosive. The plot lines are slow and the character buildup is comparable to a snail racing a turtle. The characters we do enjoy such as Bunchy and Avi got minimal screen time so far, leaving the audience with little to root for.

We do discover that Agent Cochran is a cover band front man, and his sining is just as annoying as his personality, which is the only potential bright spot this season has going for it thus far. It is possible that agent Cochran can be more hated than agent Van Miller. This goes to show you the brilliance of Hank Azaria. His character could drive you nuts and you have no choice but to root against him. He plays the perfect jerk.

Aside from a hilarious joke from Mickey, this episode was boring. The two important characters on this show seemed to have lost their edge. Ray seems to have taken a step back with his soft tone and Mickey seems afraid of his own shadow ever since he found out he had to leave the gym and live in a one room box.

“Uber Ray” was a complete dud from start to finish. No action took place which is rare for a Ray Donovan episode. Hopefully the intensity and drama will pick up very soon, or else it will be a season filled with disappointment and a sophomore jinx for Ray Donovan. Let's just hope that's not the case.

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