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Ray Donovan Episode Commentary: "Suck"

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“Suck” was the best episode of “Ray Donovan” so far this season.

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There were scandals, corruption and a brutally broken leg that will have you cringe to no end. Business has just picked up as we witness the Sully Sullivan case continue to unravel.

At the start of the episode, we see Tiny who is caught with cold cuts and a chicken under his jacket in a supermarket. As a result, he panics and spills his guts about Sully’s death at the docks- back at the end of the first season. That is just one of Ray’s major problems he has to deal with. You could say it is the story of his life.

Abby also finds out that Ray slept with another woman. She does not know that it is Kate McPherson, the news reporter from Boston who wants to get information from Mickey for her book about Sully Sullivan. Abbey, in return meets a handsome young man at the shooting range, who happens to be a Detective for the L.A.P.D. He then proceeds to give her his card.

We also find out that Cochran is corrupt and sets up a hit on Tiny. The way the hit was executed caused hilarity that will make your stomach hurt. However, the end result is severely gruesome. Tiny did not go out in the best circumstances as he got shot several times and fell down a flight of stairs. Unfortunately, an innocent person got his leg brutally crushed as Tiny happened to land on him as he rolled down the stairs.

What was good about “Suck” is that we got to see more of Bunchy, who could possibly have a new love interest. While he cleaned himself up and no longer drinks or does drugs, he seems happier and at peace with himself. Mickey, on the other hand, continues to have Dolphin hallucinations, and his kids don’t want to be bothered with him anymore, especially Terry and Daryl. The Mickey storyline has become tiresome. We are unsure about the hallucinations he continues to have, but now that he has been picked up by two federal agents, it is unclear if he is headed back to prison.

Finally, Abby decides to call the detective to tell him that she will be at the gun range. Although he might look like a charmer, does he actually like Abbey, or is he investigating her? "Suck" was not only a great episode, but it set up several scenarios that could lead to scandals and serious drama for the remainder of the season. Hopefully we are treated to more episodes like this one the rest of the way.