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Ray Donovan Episode Commentary: "Irish Spring"


“Irish Spring” featured Ray Donovan at his best. His manipulations by use of blackmail were what made this episode flow. There were several scenes that involved Mickey and Agent Cochran that made this a good episode. Their back and forth insults really displayed their skills as actors. It was really fun to watch. “Irish Spring” was a quintessential “Ray Donovan” episode. The lies and deceit that took place with each of the characters, especially Abby could cause for a big explosion for the Donovans to come in the future. As a result Ray could commit serious acts that he could regret.

Ray Donovan

Ray continues to deal with several situations that will keep him and Mickey out of jail. One of them involves Kate, who still seeks questions about Sully Sullivan, so she can finish her book. Meanwhile, Mickey was illegally taken in for questioning by agent Cochran. Abby almost gets into trouble, but is bailed out by her new friend, Detective Jim Halloran, played by Brian Geraghty, (“Boardwalk Empire”). If Abby was to end up in prison this would add to the pile of problems that Ray deals with at the moment.

While Ray faced several concerns, one of them involved a way to convince Kate to get out of LA and head back to Boston. At the same time, Ray had to pull several rabbits out of his hat, in order to find out where Mickey was and get him out of Cochran's custody, even if it was to blackmail a Judge, who was friends with Ezra. A funny scene involved the judge, who had a virus on his computer, filled with porn.

Bridget continues to go down a dangerous path, as she hangs out with Marvin. He might be the hit of the month, but you could smell trouble a mile away, as he is associated with the wrong people. If Ray finds out that Bridget has been in contact with Marvin, it won’t be a pretty picture. Ray has not been a fan of Marvin in the past, and if he finds out that his daughter has been with him, he could lose his life.

Abby continues to be rebellious, as she almost chokes out her future snotty neighbor and almost gets arrested for it. She also seems to like Detective Halloran enough to take a semi naked picture of herself and send it to him via text. The chances these characters pursue this season are risky and may cause them serious heartache in the future.

Towards the end of this episode, Ray comes up with a brilliant plan to have Mickey come up with a fake story to Kate about what happened to Sully Sullivan the night he was killed at the docks. Kate may look convinced, but she is certainly not stupid. We absolutely have not seen the last of her. Ray will definitely not get off the hook that easily.

“Irish Spring” tied up some lose ends, and opened up other ones. The episode was filled with intensity and had all the necessary drama, action and levity you would expect from a “Ray Donovan” episode. This season is certainly on the rise and there seems to be more trepidation to come as the season goes on.