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Ray Donovan Episode Commentary: "Gem and Loan"

Ray Donovan
Ray Donovan

So far this season of “Ray Donovan” is off to a slow start. “Gem and Loan” is another one of those episodes that is no different. The story lines have not picked up yet, and there has been no action taken place whatsoever. The plot-lines in this episode were boring and repetitive. Mickey Gets a job as a dishwasher in a Mexican Restaurant, Ray needs a favor from Stu Feldman to get Bridget into Bel Air Academy, and Kate continues to ask around for Mickey as she needs to speak to him about Sully Sullivan for her book.

We do find out more about the new characters. Kate McPherson is an ambitious reporter who does not let anyone stop her from her tasks. Ronald Pierce is in a serious jam that could cost him his family. It is now obvious why he is under Ray’s control. Agent Cochran is very into himself as he and his wife saw a recent CNN interview he was in. Let's just say the smile on his face made you think he is the biggest ego maniac in L.A.

Abbey continues to go to therapy and got a major wakeup call from her therapist. As Ray continues to provide Abby with a new house and go the extra mile to get Bridget into her dream school that is his way of bribing her. Ray’s character from what we have seen so far is to keep his wife happy and distract her from his potential problems that involve Mickey and possible jail time.

Bridget seems to have her act together as she prepares for her future. However, Marvin is back in the picture and could pose a big distraction for her. If Ray finds out that Marvin is back in Bridget’s life, it could pose for even bigger problems than he already has.

This episode on a whole was a snoozefest. Aside from some minor character buildups, we did not receive much anticipation we are used to from this show thus far. The good news is that eventually these characters will unravel along with their problems, which should make for some spectacular television. So far the wheels are in motion. Let’s just hope the bus starts to move along.