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Ray Chew debuts on ‘Dancing With the Stars’; brings great music to ballroom

Ray Chew works the music on Dancing With the Stars
Ray Chew works the music on Dancing With the Stars
Ray Chew/Twitter

The Dancing With the Stars show got another great change on Monday night. It was Ray Chew and his music direction that bought life into the ballroom performances that was immediately noticed. With plenty of musical direction the new edition to the show was definitely delightful. According to Reality Rewind on Monday, the bandleader replaced Harold Wheeler from last season.

The announcement about the upcoming season has fans on the edge of their seats. It’s never easy to see new stuff and there has been a great number of skeptics about the changes. Nobody can question this decision as it seems perfect.

So why is Ray Chew’s musical direction and name familiar? Well, the musical talent previously was part of America Idol and he helped the contestants perform songs live. His familiarity of the live programming was obvious as it seems that he was able to keep the music on task and he even seemed to infuse energy into the performances.

As music is so important in dancing, the viewers definitely had to be impressed with this upgrade on Dancing With the Stars. Over the past few seasons people have been complaining and it seems like those concerns have been answered. And if the sounds of the ballroom continue like they did on Monday night, fans will never want Ray Chew to leave!