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Ray Allen break in leaves NBA superstar's wife and kids terrified [Report]

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Miami Heat superstar Ray Allen was the victim of a home break-in and police are investigating the incident. According to police, the break-in occurred Thursday morning while Allen's wife, Shannon Walker Allen, was sleeping in her bedroom with their children. WPLG reported on Aug. 14 that Mrs. Allen was awoken when she heard noises and saw the light's from what is believed to be the suspects' flashlights.

The report explained that after realizing intruders were in the home, she shouted out...."What the (expletive) are you doing in my house?" She then heard one of the them say "Oh my God." Police said the group of 7 young adults, who are said to be in their teens and early 20s, then ran out of the house laughing. The startled Mrs. Allen immediately called authorities to report the break-in. When officers arrived, they determined that nothing had been removed from the home.

Reportedly, the group had been at a party in Coral Gables next to Ray Allen's house and decided they wanted to see how the Miami Heat player lived. It seemed that no one was home at 2 AM, so they entered the residence through an unlocked back door.

According to Coral Gables police spokesman Kelly Denham, a few of the teens told their parents what had happened and the parents drove them to the police department to explain the incident.

“They stated that they did enter the home. They were there to see where Ray Allen had lived. They honestly thought that he had moved from the house,” Denham said.

The group was detained and questioned by authorities for several hours. Although they weren't arrested, the young adults could face misdemeanor trespassing charges if Mrs. Allen decides to press charges.