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It's all about the dollar. Literally, $1.00 Urbane & Innovative, the euphemist brand takes a rigorous approach in providing the best yet functional fashion collections. Here is why the goal is $1: The purest and finest gold must endure through the fire" The meaning and purpose of the brand is to provide sufficient quality & clothing people nationwide. The brand emphasizes and focus on a insouciant lifestyle. We're a brand that seeks the purest & finest quality that attracts people with similarity, qualities, taste, sophistication, appeal & simplicity. Demographically speaking the brand attracts buyers who are mentally mature and socially conscientious and ones who understand the worth of self importance, Confidence, Agility, Comfort & Versatility. We're not just selling a product, but enhancing a lifestyle.

We've managed to accomplish a lot from Scouting, to Photoshoot, to Campaigns, to the building of a functional e-commerce and Social Media platform and Most of all getting Supporters. (Stacy-ann, Vanessa Williams, Hollywood Shorts, Actors, etc) Our products are relatively few but our quality and loyalty to you is priority. We don't want to bombard anyone with meaningless products but products that represents you as an individual.

The Future: We can only hope and plan, but no one knows what the unknown awaits for us. We can only dream and hope that the brand will succeed and that in the future we will extend and expand our inventory ranging from denim, shirts, polos & other fashion garments. Focusing on quality will always be a future and continuous approach while maintaing the best shopping experience to all and future buyers. We're already in progress designing and expanding these areas to keep you alert & interesting in the brand.

Why is my Goal $1? We all know that $1 realistically cannot run a business, but if 30 thousand people donate $1 that's $30,000... If I say I want to raise $50,000 your reaction would probably be "You're out of your mind" But if I reach 50 thousand people to give $1 you're more receptive to give. Because you have nothing to loose with $1. Do your own due diligence and be responsible for your purchases.

Perks include shirts and doggie sweaters.