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After an authority free Raw (which was nice, too much Triple H is bad for business), a in-ring retirement, a cryptic tweet, and former faces in new places, let’s get a rundown started!

  • Raw in Montreal was a good show with a lively audience. Dean Ambrose and Fandango are ridiculously entertaining and we got a glimpse of 'Bret Sandhart'. I really like Sandow and would like this madness to stop, but I think it’ll stop when the fans put him over like Barrett’s bad news (that was not accepted at the start). The teasing of Seth Rollins cashing in the contract is interesting but not as interesting as the Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins build!
  • Chris Jericho defeated the Miz in a decent match to celebrate and then was joined in the aisle by the promo-tastic Bray Wyatt. The camera got a great shot of the fans holding up their cell phones as Bray was talking until the Jericho “would you please, shut the hell up”. This feud alone is worth the price of any admission!
  • Cody Rhodes can try to rip off Heath Ledger’s joker all he wants to, he is still lame.
  • This past weekend in Toronto, Santino Marella spoke to the live crowd and announced his retirement from in-ring competition. The Milan Miracle man said it was due to having to get another surgery on his neck for a third time. Santino is a brilliant guy who has been entertaining since the start and I hope the WWE can get him on a pre/post show to keep him going. Get on the WWE Network, watch the 2011 Royal Rumble and try not to go nuts for Santino at the end.
  • Big Zeke Jackson and Gene Snitsky will be making their debut in TNA soon. The current TNA champion is Bobby Lashley, a former ECW champion and microphone champion (okay, that wasn’t called for but I do like him). I am a little interested to see Lashley wrestle but if Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards can’t get me to turn it on, there may be no hope for me.
  • Today on Twitter, Sting posted a picture of himself and “7-14-2014”(It was also put on his Facebook page). It could mean that next Monday, there will be a commercial or sneak peak of him on WWE 2K15, or something completely different. Maybe it’s a promo on Monday Night Raw, or more likely a plug for Micheal Cole to look at the new Sting game on the WWE App. I hope it is something of relevence because I want this gentleman back into my wrestling life!

I am off to go listen to his old theme “the man called Sting” and try to do a Gary Micheal Capetta impression, “This…IS….Sting!”. Enjoy your day and watch your back from the Wolfpack.

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