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Raw Foods

Raw food lunch
Raw food lunch

Dear Delialah,

Would you please share your opinion on eating raw foods? I understand that unprocessed food is healthier because the nutrients are not cooked and broken down, but is an uncooked carrot really so much healthier than a cooked carrot? Some raw foodist I've spoken to claim a cooked carrot has no more nutrients than a cooked hamburger. Is this true?

Michael Perria, Charlotte

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your question. While it is true that many of the nutrients are destroyed during the cooking process, the key factor in raw food is the digestive enzymes. Our body needs enzymes to break down the foods we eat. When food is cooked, it loses the majority of its enzymes, and our bodies are forced to develop our own enzymes in order to digest the food, a process that taxes the immune system,  overworks all our major organs and exhausts our energy supply. Uncooked, raw foods have all the digestive enzymes intact, and the food is broken down naturally, in a fraction of the time it would take for our body to digest cooked food.

In regards to the immune system, scientists discovered back in the early 1900's that after consuming a meal, the body reacts with a large boost in white blood cells, much like it does during an infection, stress or inflammation. Further research proved that after consuming raw foods in their unaltered state, the body did not respond with the production of white blood cells, thus proving that cooked foods elicit an immune response. An overactive immune system is the culprit behind autoimmune disorders such as Lupus and asthma, in which the body begins to attack itself because of an immune system that has gone haywire.

The answer to your question then, is both yes and no. While it is not true that a cooked carrot, rich in beta carotene and antioxidants, has an equal nutrient content to a hamburger, in terms of digestive enzymes, a cooked carrot and a cooked hamburger are equivalent to one another.

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