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Raw food ultimate cleanse

Eat More Salads
Eat More Salads

It’s a new year and time to lose weight and get in better shape.

The real question is how does one lose weight and keep it off? There are all kinds of cleanses, which is just a more acceptable word for a diet.  But do they work and are they good for you to do?

The Master Cleanse has been around for centuries. Basically you drink lemon water with cayenne and Maple Syrup. While many swear by it, drinking Maple Syrup every day just doesn’t sound all that healthy or appealing.  There are numerous other fad diets including one method of eating cookies.

Juice fasts are popular but few people can stay on them long enough to make a difference. Once they go back to their regular eating, the weight comes back as well.

The most logical cleanse would appear to be one found at . It’s a raw food cleanse designed to turn your body into a more alkaline state rather than acidic.

Did you know Doctors claim that diseases cannot prosper in a body that is alkaline?

However, most of the foods we like to eat are acidic.
This would included meat, bread, sugar, etc… The goal with Jen’s Cleanse is to eat nothing but raw vegetables for 21 days. She provides a list of very specific vegetables to eat along with other guidelines for the 21 days.

After you’ve completed Phase 1, she then offers Phase 2.  This is a transition back to eating regular food, while still keeping your body alkaline and not gaining the weight back.

So if you’re interested in looking and feeling your best for 2010, and training at your all time best, dare yourself to take the 21 day challenge.


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