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Raw food diet can cure

Processed foods are bad for the human body.
Processed foods are bad for the human body.
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The latest rave of diets is to avoid processed foods. Something scientists have been realizing is that our systems cannot handle the new ways we create food over the last century. Based on evolution, the human body spent thousands of years eating natural foods of lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. We cannot expect our bodies to completely adapt to our new food regimin so quickly.

Two popular dietary styles are the paleo diet (aka caveman diet) and the raw foods diet. Both diets avoid processed foods, which is simple when you ask yourself if you can recognize the plant or animal the food came from. The raw foods diet goes a step further by not heating foods above 115 degrees fahrenheit as the cooking process has been proven to destroy some of the nutrients found in the foods.

For more information on the raw foods diet and how it helped cure many people of diabetes, click here.  Information about the paleo diet.


  • Drew Denny - National Paddle Sports Examiner 5 years ago

    I just think there are too many health risks to try this.

  • mark 5 years ago

    interesting stuff.

  • Brian Cavasin - Detroit Fly Fishing Examiner 5 years ago

    Can the raw foods diet include fish like tuna or salmon?
    If it does, I'm in!

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