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Raw Desserts. Fix your face. They are way better than you think. (Yum)

Raw Keylime Pie made with avocado, lime juice, coconut and cashews. No bake crust of organic dates, coconut, walnuts. Tasty.
Telah Tru Photography

The feeling of having to give up sweets and delicious desserts is terribly depressing for many people who are choosing to eat healthy. For vegetarians, vegans and those choosing to eat raw, it almost seems, at first thought, impossible to have those old favorites like pies, custards or candies stripped from your menu but all is not lost.

If you follow the raw foodies blogs, shows and websites, you will see that there has been an expansion of creative alternatives to the traditional pies, ice creams and candies that we often crave when that sweet tooth rears its head...uhh tooth. Not sure where to go with that but you get my drift. We could explore all of the wonderful nutritional aspects of eating raw and vegan desserts but what one really wants to know is, "Is this raw dessert as delicious as my traditional favorites?"

You may be shocked to know that you can find many tasty raw desserts available at your local health food shops and you should look for more raw "bakeries" to pop up as the public demands a tasty, natural, healthy alternative to the over sugared, floured, preserved treats we are use to. You will be pleasantly surprised to see what type of ingredients are being used as close replacements to things like crust, creams, butters, milks and other ingredients that are heavy on processed sugars and chemicals.

*I must add that many raw desserts may substitute nuts for things like flour so if you have nut allergies, please inquire about ingredients before eating a raw dessert. *

There have been many companies online and showcased on food shows but these places were so far away and many of those companies services a limited geographic area. Wondering if you can get some of these yummy raw desserts in Washington, DC? Well, wonder no more. You will be happy to know that you can buy raw desserts in DC and here are a couple of places you can go for delectable raw treats that will make you wonder why you haven't chosen raw desserts before now.

  1. Totally RAWganic (est. 2013) is a new favorite for raw desserts in DC. A "locally-run small business serving organic, raw, vegan and mostly gluten-free desserts" to the Washington Metropolitan area. This company displays that raw desserts don't have to be boring or flavorless with yummy treats such as their Strawberry Shortcake, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies and their Donut Holes. You can also go to their website at to see where you can pick up these tasty treats around DC.
  2. Elizabeth Gone Raw in NW DC is a great place to get raw dishes, and maybe a little wine while you're at it.

Another way to enjoy raw desserts: DYI

In addition to buying raw desserts from local shops, it is surprisingly simple to duplicate a raw dessert these days with the internet a-buzzin' with so many raw food sites that make recipes and video demonstrations available 24 hours, seven days a week. Some favorites of mine are the following:

  1. Raw. Vegan. Not Gross - Chef Laura Miller, of Sidesaddle Kitchen, entertains with her real life perspective to eating raw on the Tastemade Youtube show. (I'm sort of obsessed with Laura's videos. She makes very interesting dishes.)
  2. Rawmazing - Susan Powers, a trained sommelier, shares her story of her background with food and wine and how she became a raw foodie. Her blog and recipes are breathtaking and it's exciting to see the varied recipes to try.

Even if you aren't a raw foodie, vegetarian or vegan, sometimes it's just nice to treat your body to good stuff. You may find some new favorite desserts around the just around the corner.

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