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Raw Brides: a healthy and eco-conscious way to prepare for your wedding day

Denise's before and after pictureEvery Anaheim bride wants to look their best on their wedding day and I would encourage each and every one of you to want to feel your healthiest in mind, body and spirit as well. Starvation diets make you unhealthy and unconscious of anything but your empty stomach. You cannot enjoy your wedding festivities when you are starving. Your beloved loves you just the way you are, so only consider a diet IF it makes you feel healthier and more vibrant for your big day.

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All of us know that eating fresh unprocessed foods is not only healthier for ourselves, but healthier for our planet. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and eliminating a few of those processed foods that do not honor your body or the environment is a great way to prepare for this milestone event in your life.

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the creator of Raw Brides. Denise has designed a coaching program and written several ebooks helping brides-to-be lose weight naturally. She is an advocate for eating raw foods and living a green life. The good news is she is realistic that this isn't an "all or nothing proposition."  If you just consider integrating a few of her tips into your life, you might feel a little more fabulous and your carbon footprint just may get a little smaller as well.

For more tips on being a Raw Bride check out the slide show below and then visit Denise's website at