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Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design LLC

Imagine this … after a visit with your doctor, she hands you a prescription with instructions to buy seeds to grow a beautiful garden. Your garden must fit your personality. It can be a vegetable garden or a flower garden, manicured or informal. To complete your health evaluation, you must return to her office with a selection of the bounty from your garden.

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Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design
Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design
Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design LLC

Don’t you feel better already?

Laurin Lindsey fell in love with nature and gardening for that very reason. She was planting gardens in sunny California by the age of 8. Gardening is a proven mood booster, and Laurin's travels to the gardens of England, Scotland, France, Norway and Holland intensified her appreciation for nature. A Victorian park in London was even the inspiration behind the name of her business, Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design LLC.

Laurin settled down in Houston in 1999 after falling in love with a 1905 Victorian home in the Heights. During an art showing in her home, she met her husband, Shawn Michael, who shared her love of nature.

Laurin has studied art, architecture and garden design “all her life.” Shawn worked with a landscaper in the Memorial area before returning for graduate work at St. Thomas University. It was only natural for Laurin and Shawn to combine their common interests and open their own landscaping company.

Concept to Completion” is not just their slogan. Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design is a full-service landscape and design firm in every sense of the word. Laurin and Shawn truly walk you through the process of creating a functional landscape, whether residential or commercial. Step one determines what you want to achieve with your garden. Then garden style, lighting effects, drainage, aeration, stonework, maintenance, fountains, water features, rain gardens, sprinkler installation and more are considered. Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design LLC is fully licensed and insured, and care is taken to locate water or gas mains, underground cables, etc., for safety in creating your garden.

Without doubt, Laurin’s travels to various countries was good preparation for the unique Houston climate (humidity) and unstable weather conditions she would be dealing with. As a native Houstonian, Shawn has been an invaluable asset. So far, Laurin has adapted to everything but the mosquitoes (join the club) and is doing her part to beautify Houston. She’d love to help you beautify your little corner of the world.

Laurin Lindsey
Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design LLC
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