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Ravens take a step back in NFL power rankings

John Harbaugh's Ravens need to beat Cincinnati and get help to reach the playoffs for the sixth straight season.
Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

1. Denver Broncos - What a season for Peyton Manning. Expect more records to fall next week.

2. Seattle Seahawks - Arizona has a good defense, but it was pretty shocking to see Seattle lose at home to the Cardinals.

3. Carolina Panthers - The Panthers suddenly look like a real threat to get to the Super Bowl.

4. New England Patriots - The Ravens were awful, but give a banged up Patriots team so much credit for such a convincing win in a very tough place to play.

5. San Francisco 49ers - The 49ers needed a little magic in the final game at Candlestick Park to get past the Falcons.

6. New Orleans Saints - With a loss at Carolina, it looks like the Saints are going to have to go on a real playoff run to get to the Super Bowl.

7. Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagles bounced back in a big way heading into their NFC East title showdown against the Cowboys.

8. Cincinnati Bengals - Congratulations to the Bengals, who stomped the Vikings to clinch the AFC North.

9. Kansas City Chiefs - The Chiefs are suddenly an inconsistent team, which is a bad sign heading into the playoffs.

10. Arizona Cardinals - The Cardinals might end up being the best team not to make the playoffs.

11. Indianapolis Colts - I'm not sure how, but the Indianapolis defense really stepped up in a win over the Chiefs.

12. Baltimore Ravens - It was stunning to see the Ravens play so badly at home, a place where they are almost unbeatable, on a 4-game winning streak and with so much on the line.

13. Dallas Cowboys - I hope Tony Romo gets his due after orchestrating a fourth quarter comeback to keep his team's playoff hopes alive.

14. San Diego Chargers - San Diego took care of business to keep their playoff hopes alive and now might get lucky against a KC team that could rest its starters.

15. Chicago Bears - Chicago looked like a bad Division I team playing against the Oregon Ducks.

16. Miami Dolphins - With a chance to get closer to a playoff berth, the Dolphins put forth an embarrassing effort in Buffalo.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers - A crazy win in Green Bay keeps Pittsburgh's slim playoff hopes alive.

18. Detroit Lions - There is really no way to sugarcoat the chokejob by the Lions in the second half of the season.

19. Green Bay Packers - Will Aaron Rodgers return in Week 17 with the division title and a playoff berth at stake?

20. Tennessee Titans - The Titans could be a .500 team, but will that be enough to save Mike Munchak's job?

21. New York Giants - Give a lot of credit to Tom Coughlin and the Giants for continuing to fight despite having nothing to play for.

22. St. Louis Rams - If the Rams can get better at quarterback and wide receiver, they may have something.

23. New York Jets - With a win next week, the Jets can finish the season at the .500 mark. What a terrific job by Rex Ryan.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Greg Schiano job watch continues. Will he return?

25. Buffalo Bills - If the Bills can figure out their passing game, their future is bright.

26. Cleveland Browns - Remember earlier in the season when the Browns were in first place in the AFC North? Seems like decades ago.

27. Oakland Raiders - At least the Redskins have RGIII. There is literally no reason for hope with this franchise.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars - For a team banged up and low on talent, the Jaguars fought hard over the second half of the season.

29. Minnesota Vikings - After playing so well the past few weeks, Minnesota's performance in Cincinnati was really disappointing.

30. Atlanta Falcons - The Falcons were just a bad bounce of the ball away from possibly stunning the 49ers.

31. Washington Redskins - In a dismal season, the Redskins one chance at providing their fans an enjoyable win vanished in the final seconds against the Cowboys.

32. Houston Texans - The Texans made it entertaining for three quarters, but Denver's offense exploded in the fourth quarter.

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