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Ravens Camp: The Quarterbacks

-Joe Flacco, Marc Bulger, Troy Smith, John Beck

-Troy Smith, John Beck


-Joe Flacco, Marc Bulger, Troy Smith


One of the most noticeable things in camp is that he’s bigger, he’s stronger, he’s more vocal--Joe Flacco has made that proverbial step toward elite status.

When the Ravens drafted Flacco in 2008 out of the University of Delaware, Baltimore fans were privy to the growth process of yet another “potential” franchise quarterback. But Flacco, unlike his predecessor, Kyle Boller, brought more to the table than the ability to throw a ball through the uprights from mid-field.

Flacco had leadership qualities. He had the demeanor of all the great signal-callers. And now, entering his third NFL training camp, things seem like they’re coming to fruition and propelling an offense that has desperately needed it for quite some time. The lanky small-town Joe may be morphing into a full-blown NFL superstar right before our eyes.

Aside from Flacco, Marc Bulger could very well be the third-best quarterback in the AFC North. He’s easily one of the best three backups in the NFL.

The true battle in camp is for the third-string spot. Troy Smith, drafted in the fifth-round in 2007, made it clear that he would rather play somewhere other than Baltimore in order to have a shot to contribute. John Beck, a former second-round pick of the Miami Dolphins under the Cam Cameron regime was signed by the Ravens after being released last July.

Many have estimated that Smith’s disgruntled nature would lead to his release before the end of camp; however, he has outplayed Beck thus far. Smith’s passes look more accurate and he is making sound decisions with the football. Beck, on the other hand, has yet to show that he could adequately play in this league without giving games away due to basic mental mistakes.


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