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Raven's Nightmare...the terror is quickly approaching!

“That cold ain't the weather. That's death approaching.” Thirty Days of Night

Raven's Nightmare...the terror is quickly approaching!-slide0
A Nightmare on Q Street

"No tears please, it's a waste of good suffering." Pinhead/Hellraiser

Can you feel it? Do the hairs on the back of your neck stand up for no apparent reason? You have a sense that something just isn’t right, and feel the need to be constantly watching over your shoulder. Maybe your sleep is becoming more and more restless. There is a good reason for all of this. Well, not so much good as it is an evil reason.

The time is quickly approaching. The time for Raven to open the doors to the only portal to hell in the Midwest. Starting Friday, September 19th, prepare yourself for the weeks of terror that are to be unleashed.

Raven challenges you to face your deepest, darkest fears. Step straight into hell with the Phobia challenge. The money back haunt is a hit every year; attracting new meat, as well as the faithful followers who come back for more. If you make it through, Raven says you pay nothing. In fact, this year Raven is so confident that your sissy self won’t make it through, that he is making a special offer. You make it through, even if you cry like baby, you get your money back on all attractions you paid for. Now, Raven isn’t a nice guy, so he is obviously sure of your failure to make it. A bit of advice for new challengers, uh, you may want to give your food and drink of your choice time to fully digest before entering. You may also want to bring a change of underwear, and if you don’t wear them, well, make an exception.

This year, another bonus, Phobia watchers only pay $5. This is half off of last year’s price. You can’t beat that for the opportunity to watch your friends squirm.

A Nightmare on Q Street also has new attractions. The Side Show Freaks is something we’ll share more information on later this week.

Keep in mind as well, ‘A Nightmare on Q Street’ is the only haunted attraction where you can eat, drink down some suds, and hitch a ride on a roller coaster. It is also the only portal to hell where you can hear some kick ass live music!

We look forward to seeing you…seeing the whites of your eyes in the pitch dark, depths of hell!

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