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Raven Rocks Gallery presents “Metamorphosis” – images of transition

Butterfly by Tim Potter
Butterfly by Tim Potter
Tim Potter

Windwalker at Raven Rocks Gallery at the Greenbank Farm asks the question: "What if … a branch became a vase, hair, a purse, a butterfly, driftwood, a feather or inner visions of an impossible house?"

June is traditionally time of change, passages from school, partnership in a new life and the changing of seasons. Due to the highly enthusiastic reception of Tim Potter’s butterfly collection at Raven Rocks during May, they are holding the show over another month and creating the perspective of transition to the artwork of all of the gallery artists.

In Tim’s words, “The butterfly is a symbol of transition and rebirth, and a reminder to make changes when the opportunity arises. Butterfly symbolism is closely tied to the idea of spirits and souls in many cultures … When you see a butterfly, (which only live for about a month) it is a reminder to enjoy the smallest things, to remember that life is short, and to be mindful of beauty.”

Windwalker and Mary Jo believe his magnificent creations are among the finest work they have had the pleasure to show from any northwest artist.

Additionally, Raven Rocks Gallery is proud to announce that they have joined The Whidbey Art Trail, a year-round self guided tour of art studios and galleries offering contemporary & whimsical art and artisan crafts by local & regional artists. Please check our website for details. Raven Rocks Gallery is located at Greenbank Farm, 765 Wonn Road C-101, Greenbank, WA 98253 on beautiful Whidbey Island, WA. For information, and gallery hours, please call 360-222-0102, or visit the website at