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Ravelry hits four million users and shares some fun facts

One infographic shows the number of Ravelry users who have celebrated anniversaries with the site.
One infographic shows the number of Ravelry users who have celebrated anniversaries with the site.

Ravelry has reached a major milestone. The four millionth person signed up to the social networking site dedicated to supporting the crafting of fiber arts on February 28. The free site’s large database of yarn and patterns, along with organizational tools and a community forum have each played a part in making it the top online resource for knitters, crocheters, spinners, and weavers.

Ravelry continues to grow exponentially from its initial launch in May of 2007, having reached three million users less than a year ago. In celebration of this latest milestone, co-founders Jessica and Casey Forbes and the rest of the relatively small staff posted an entire page of infographics and statistics about the site. Even those who use the site every day might be surprised at some of the revealing facts.

Some of the highlights of the statistical data include:

  • Four out of every 100 user avatars feature cats. No word yet on the number of dog avatars.
  • Two million pounds of yarn have gone into the finished projects shared on Ravelry, weighing more than five blue whales.
  • The combined length of the yarn used in finished projects and stored in stash is over five billion kilometers.
  • Between 2007 and 2013, the least number of projects have been completed in the middle of May. The most have been completed on Christmas Eve.
  • In 2013 alone, 900 million words were posted to the forums.
  • Iceland has the most Ravelry users per capita, with 346 per 10,000. The United States comes in third with 84.
  • Almost every day of the week is known for a spike in a specific activity. While new patterns are added on Mondays, more patterns are purchased on Friday than any other day. Projects are updated and photos are uploaded on Sundays.

More fun facts are included in the blog post.

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