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'Ratzilla': Family finds 15 inch rat inside their home

A family in Sweden found a 15 inch rat inside their home. According to a video report by Newsy, the family first found the "ratzilla" under their kitchen sink. After a few days, the rat made itself more comfortable, taking up residence under the family's kitchen table.

The family eventually called an exterminator who came in and trapped the rat -- but that wasn't enough. The rat managed to escape and began wandering around the home once more. The rat ended up getting stuck under a piece of wood and it "choked to death." That's when the family actually "caught" it and took some pictures -- which are pretty hard to believe (check them out in the video above).

The huge rat created a sizable hole in the family's home leaving them with more worries -- will more rats come in? Will the next rat be even larger? Obviously these are things to think about -- and just in case you were wondering, rats can apparently grow to be as big as sheep... so 15 inches isn't that bad really... right?

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