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Rats Make Wonderful Pets

Rat Sleeping
Rat Sleeping
Kim Day

Rats have taken a bad rap, however, they can make wonderful pets. They are very smart and cuddly creatures. Those who do have rats as pets, get very attached to them, just as they would a cat or a dog. Rats come in a variety of colors and each rat has a different personality. In other words, no two rats are alike. The best place to get a pet rat at a pet store. These rats are different than those rats that are wild, because they are kept in cages with food and a water bottle. Rats require very little care and they love to be part of a household. They like to get on one's shoulder which is a way that the rat bonds with its owner. Rats have been misunderstood for many years until recently, because many people are being educated about them. There are amazing stories on Pet rats on that one can read about where those individuals who have rats, truly love them. Rats are becoming more and more, a part of households as people learn about them. Many individuals who are allergic to a cat or dog, may want to consider getting a rat. And although rats have short lives, they bring a lot of joy into the household that has one. Rats have a very sweet and gentle temperament. There was once a song about a Rat named "Ben" that Michael Jackson sang about. It was a true story about a rat that Michael had as a pet as a child. "I befriended a little rat and the rat became my friend, my constant companion. "The little rat and I spent many evenings looking at the Moon and the Sky. My little rat was a great little guy." By Kim Day