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Rat tail is a 96-year-old's birthday cake surprise in gross out birthday gala

Let’s hope Joe Valente’s previous 95 birthday wishes went a little better than his 96th. The Commack, New York resident said he found a rat’s tail and other rat parts in his store bought apple ring cake.

According to Fox News on Monday, Valente’s nephew, Neil Gold, said his uncle instantly knew there was something funky with the cake after one forkful. One could say he suspiciously "smelled a rat."

“He said, ‘It doesn't taste right,’” Gold said, it what is likely the understatement of the year. His uncle wanted his traditional ring cake from his favorite grocer – King Kullen’s Supermarket in Commack – minus a disease carrying mammal of course.

Valente was not hospitalized, though Gold said his uncle complained of stomach pains and had severe diarrhea.

“We saw it was coming from the bottom. We flipped it over and seemed to be a rat's tail,” Gold said. “It appeared to be bleeding into the cake.”

Gold said they first thought it was mold, but after a closer inspection, they could see some clear rodent parts ground up inside. The allegedly rat-infested dessert was then presented to a law office. Attorney Edward Yule believes the rat was purposely thrown into the cake mixture while it was being produced.

"I personally am of the opinion that this cake was tampered with," Yule said. "What's King Kullen have to say about this?"

King Kullen did respond, stating they would “fully cooperate” with any external investigations and conduct its own internal probe of the incident.

What else are you going to say when a nearly 100-year-old man finds a filthy rodent gnarled up inside a cake?

“We took immediate steps as a precautionary measure,” the company said in a statement. “Product has been removed from the bakery and the premises have undergone a thorough inspection. There are no known safety or rodent issues in this bakery department and it is in good standing with all Department of Agriculture inspections.”

The company said they have never had any complaints of rats before in their food product, as if that makes it any better.

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