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'Rat Queens' to be developed into animated television show

To be adapted for television
To be adapted for television
Image Comics

The sassy and sexy ongoing comic series by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch will be adapted into a 30-minute animated pilot to be shopped to networks by Pukeko Pictures and Heavy Metal Magazine. "Rat Queens" has been on shelves for less than a year, but has received critical acclaim from fans and critics leading to an Eisner award nomination in 2014 for Best New Series.

The fantasy adventure follows four enigmatic female leads as they travel across dangerous Dungeon and Dragons-like settings. With its mix of comical dialogue, graphic material and witty characters, "Rat Queens" quickly became a hit with fans. The Image comic is Wiebe's second comic to be adapted by filmmakers, as "Peter Panzerfaust" continues to shape up for BBC.

The comic industry is no longer an unnoticed platform as production studios mine the industry for material on a daily basis. Earlier this week at E3, Sony announced the adaptation of "Powers" for the Playstation Network. Popular Image comic "Chew" also will be an animated film. "Rat Queens" is as good as any to be adapted as a weekly episodic animated television show.

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