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Rat cake: 96-year-old finds rat in his birthday cake from King Kullen

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A rat cake was not expected when Joseph Vallenti sat down to enjoy a slice of his birthday cake recently. But that is exactly what was found in a slice of apple strudel cake – reportedly his favorite, according to a New York Post report on Saturday.

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After digging into the “Signature Series” store-baked cake from King Kullen Supermarket in Long Island, New York, he said that something wasn’t right. Specifically, the store is in Commack, located in Suffolk County. And he was absolutely right about something not being right with the cake. Upon closer inspection, it was found that there was a rat baked inside the cake.

Vallenti became ill with stomach pains and diarrhea. The cake was purchased by the boyfriend of Vallenti’s niece – Neil Gold. Gold claims he found a five-inch-long rat tail in the cake that was still attached to the rodent’s hindquarters. The tail was bleeding into the cake.

Gold took the cake to an attorney’s office. Attorney Ed Yule said that a lawsuit is being considered. He said his immediate reaction, right now, is to protect the public.

A King Kullen Supermarket spokesperson said the store is conducting an internal investigation. He also said that King Kullen has had in-store bakeries for over three decades and there has never been a case of a rodent in one of the store-baked cakes.

One would hope not.