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Rat baked in birthday cake surprises 96-year-old man

A 96-year-old New York man got the surprise of his life when he found a rat baked into his birthday cake.

Birthday Cake
Photo by Jerrie Dean

Joseph Valente was celebrating his birthday with his family with a big slice of German apple ring cake from his favorite place, King Kullen in Commack over the weekend. When he took a bite he realized it didn't taste right.

His family checked out the cake and saw something black and sticking out. At first they thought it was mold.

"I saw something sticking out," Neil Gold, the boyfriend of Valente's niece told WABC radio. When he flipped the cake over he found the rat's tail and pieces of the rats body baked into the cake.

King Kullen the store that baked the cake said they have never had this happen before and they have been in business for 30 years. To top it off, they had just passed an inspection last week.

The family's attorney stated, "I personally am of the opinion that this cake was tampered with," said Ed Yule.

Well, it is hardly unlikely that the rat crawled in to the oven and into the cake pan by itself, so it had to have gotten in there before the cake ever got into the oven. How it was not noticed in the cake pan before it was put into the oven, is a wonder to me.

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