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Raspberry Pi gets an upgrade – still only $35

The non-profit Raspberry Pi foundation over in the United Kingdom have just announced on July 14th their infamous open source microcomputer will, in fact, receive an upgrade without changing its price. With the unforeseen success of its current model all over the world, the foundation has made a solid effort to improve the overall quality and design of the chip while maintaining its original release price intact.

Raspberry Pi Model B+ Released

For those who are out of the tech loop, the Raspberry Pi is a low priced, low powered, credit card sized ARM based computer originally released in 2012 that runs open source Linux OS distributions for anyone to use or edit themselves completely for free. Given the rapid growth of the Pi community and its many developers that have made the little computer more versatile than ever imagined, the Pi foundation has responded to the overwhelming feedback and have graciously improved their chip without upping the price a dime.

With the new updated chip, the new Model B+ now sports 2 more USB ports (4 total), an upgraded hotplug, improved GPIO (general purpose input/output pins) from 26 to 40 total for add-ons, redesigned smaller Micro SD card port, improved audio ports, and an overall improvement in performance and design. All of this with a .5 watt lower power consumption than its previous model B, not that it really needed it. Pi Foundation’s creator Eben Upton has stated that this Model B+ is the final design of the Raspberry Pi for this generation until they release an entirely new Pi if/when they do.

As of this date, the new Model B+ is now available at its official website at as well as a slew of other online retailers such as Amazon, MCM Electronics, and etc.

For more info on the Raspberry Pi, its software, community, or the units themselves, check out their site at

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