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Rasmussen skews the polls for Hillary Clinton?

Rasmussen skewing the polls for Hillary Clinton?
Rasmussen skewing the polls for Hillary Clinton?
Rasmussen Reports

The far left has for years accused Rasmussen Reports of conducting polls that were skewed in favor of Republicans. Late in 2012, Scott Rasmussen disclosed to the Washington Examiner that the firm's surveys are skewed by three points for the Democrats while their data on the electorate claimed a Republican plurality of almost double that number of points. Since then, Rasmussen appears to have been skewing their polls hard to the left after the exit of Scott Rasmussen from the firm last year.

The Rasmussen Reports presidential approval poll illustrates the degree of the leftward skew, as it is consistantly several percent more favorable for President Barack Obama than the average of the rest of the presidential approval polls in the Real Clear Politics average. Today, for instance, Rasmussen has Obama at 48 percent (no other poll has it higher than 43 percent) while the RCP average is 42 percent. That six percent different is larger than the margin of error in any of the polls in the average. At minimum this suggests Rasmussen's poll is an outlier, but given the consistency in which it is every day five or six points difference from the RCP average, it is likely to be skewed for Obama and Democrats to produce this result.

The likely skewed Rasmussen poll today reports some very favorable numbers for Hillary Clinton, when matched against GOP candidates for 2016. Rasmussen Reports release numbers today showing Hillary defeating Ted Cruz 50 percent to 37 percent and Rich Perry by 50 percent to 36 percent. Against Rand Paul, Hillary would win 46 to 39 percent while she would defeat Ben Carson by 45 to 38 percent. Chris Christie would be further behind Hillary, polling 33 percent to Hillary's 47 percent.

Does anyone really believe these poll numbers? Or are they heavily skewed in favor of Hillary Clinton? While Rasmussen has Hillary beating Christie by 14 percent, RCP has Hillary beating him by 8.6 percent. It should be noted that this average includes polls that have been heavily skewed toward the left in the past, such as Bloomberg, Fox News, and the Democrat-learning PPP survey.

The RCP average has Hillary leading by 9.4 percent over Rand Paul based on surveys by Bloomberg, ABC News/Wash. Post, FOX News, McClatchy/Marist and PPP. It should also be noted that the high degree of name recognition vs. the relative unknown status of most of the GOP candidates for 2016 also has a tendency to favor Hillary in many of these polls. The eventual winner of the 2016 GOP nomination will by then have gained name recognition nearly equal to that of Hillary by the time both convention are held two years from now. This all assumes, of course, that Hillary Clinton does run. The case that Hillary won't run seems to get stronger as we get nearer to the end of this year. Since then, Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics has offered five reasons that Hillary won't run. Reports about the latest book by Edward Klein suggest that Hillary's health issues are far worse than have yet been reported.

The skewed polls might be good for creating buzz and phony news, but they quite likely will be much ado about nothing as Hillary seems highly unlikely to run for president again. The far left will need a new candidate, and the poll skewers will need someone else to skew the polls for.

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