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Rashad Jennings over Chris Johnson for the Oakland Raiders

Rashad Jennings #27 of the Oakland Raiders in action against the New York Giants during their game at MetLife Stadium on November 10, 2013 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders should choose Rashad Jennings over Chris Johnson if there was a choice to be made. Running back Rashad Jennings proved to the Oakland Raiders that he’s the man and can take care of the back field for the 2014 season.

Recently, the press has been reporting that the Raiders should take Johnson if the Tennessee Titans let him go this off-season. Yes, it was reported on Wednesday by Yahoo Sports that Johnson should be acquired by the Silver and Black if the Titans choose to let Chris go.

Apparently, Johnson and management in Tennessee are not happy with each other. Despite the numbers that CJ puts up, Tennesse feels like the money is too much for a guy who is unhappy with the club team.

Anyway, no offense to Johnson, but the running back department for the Raiders has been taken care of with Jennings.

Unless Chris wants to take a payment cut and come as the backup, then sorry buddy! The Oakland Raiders have a lot of issues and positions to fill, and the running back position is nicely filled.

Rashad Jennings proved that he can be a strong starter for the Raiders, and it should remain that way. Jennings showed some promising numbers, way better than Darren McFadden, so he deserves to be main dude running from the back.

The Raiders basically need to concentrate on other positions because there are many. Plus, Oakland has money now it would be ashamed to see that money go into a position that is already doing fine.

Plus, Chris Johnson is way too expensive for now. Give Rashad Jennings his chance at running back for 2014 season and let him earn his money!

As for the Oakland Raiders, spend your money on free agents on positions that really need it!

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