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Rashad Evans to fight Jon Jones for LHW belt, leaves Jackson's Camp

UFC Champion Jon Jones and teammate/contender Rashad evans
UFC Champion Jon Jones and teammate/contender Rashad evans

After a stunning win against Shogun Hua at UFC 128, Jon Jones now faces a problem with the next title contender. Teammate Rashad Evans, who was originally going to take Hua on but had to pull out due to injury, will face Jones for the first title defense. Just moments after Jones victory, a well dressed Evans is shown in the cage with boos echoing in the background.Joe Rogan presented the situation of the two Team Jackson teammates meeting in the cage to battle it out for the light heavyweight belt. In the past Jones has spoken of not fighting Evans but as he is contender for the belt it is almost impossible to avoid.

Both men have verbally agreed to step in the cage to fight for the light heavyweight title but now the questions arises of whether or not Rashad Evans will quit Team Jacksons. Just last week rumors were flying around the UG of Evans leaving Team Jacksons to prepare for a title match against Jon Jones. The rumors were quickly shot down by those close to the team but never was there actual confirmation for either Rashad Evans or Greg Jackson.

Shortly after the post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White confirmed to a small media group that Rashad Evans has indeed left Greg Jackson's camp. Evans has not yet commented on this but updates will be made as more information is available. How do you feel about this situation? Comment below!