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Rare set of conjoined twins born in India, mother yet to see them (videos)

A rare set of conjoined twins were born in India and are said to be doing quite well in light of the circumstances. Born to Urmila and Subhash Sharma, the news has reportedly devastated the couple who are still coming to terms with the birth. According to a Daily Mail report, the mother has yet to see the babies. The twins share one body, yet have two heads but also have separate spines, necks, tracheas and esophaguses.

Rare conjoined twins born in India.
Video screen grab

As the conjoined twins share one body, they also have one heart, one lung per child, and one stomach. Due to the sharing of vital organs, separation is unlikely. Medical experts in India are examining the children to see if there is any possibility surgery could be effective. Interestingly, the twin who occupies the right side of the body is said to be growing at a faster rate.

Reports say the couple did not have enough money for an ultrasound and did not know about they were carrying conjoined twins just weeks before delivery.

You may watch a video report of this story above.

For photos and a slideshow of the conjoined twins, including prenatal ultrasounds, visit the Daily Mail here: Slideshow: Photos, Conjoined Twins born in India

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