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Rare Nintendo game sold for just $98 shy of $100,000 on eBay: Is this legit?

Rare Nintendo game sold at auction for $98 shy of $100,000
Rare Nintendo game sold at auction for $98 shy of $100,000

A rare Nintendo game sold online for a small fortune when the auction came to a close on Saturday. This Nintendo game is only one of 116 copies made and distributed to winners of a special Nintendo competition back in 1990, according to Gamespot on Jan. 25.

This “super rare Nintendo game” has gotten a lot of attention since it showed up on eBay last week and the bidding just took off, finally stopping at $99, 902 on Saturday. While this extremely hard to find and expensive item looked like a legitimate sale on eBay, skeptics are still investigating the possibility that this was a bogus auction altogether.

The folks at Gamespot aired on the side of caution and investigated the buyer, who appeared legit with an appealing 100% positive feedback and a feedback score of 775. The buyer remains unnamed, but this is not unusual for such a pricy purchase.

The buyer’s history shows he made a total of 16 bids on other items on eBay in the last 30 days, so it looks as if this is an authentic buyer and not a fake. Although the entire auction, including someone having this Nintendo game could have been bogus from the get-go, it doesn’t seem as if this is the case.

The buyer was “interestingly” the first and last bidder on the special Nintendo game, according to Gamespot. If this was a sale that went down between a legitimate buyer and seller, the high price that the buyer ended up paying for the Nintendo game probably had something to do with all the overwhelming media attention surrounding this auction.

It seems that the fast pace of technology also fast tracks their antiques. This was a game sent out in 1990, but it sold at prices you'd expect for another type of object to be hundreds of years old!

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