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Rare game cart from Nintendo World Championships sells for nearly $100,000

Rare Nintendo World Championships Cart
Rare Nintendo World Championships Cart

A rare game cart from has fetched its seller near $100,000 through eBay. The cart, used during the Nintendo World Championships in the early nineteen nineties, was sold by a user named "muresan", who stated he was selling off his video game collection of nearly 25 years.

Rare cart from Nintendo World Championships

The final selling price came in at an astounding $99,902.

The cartridge itself is in pretty rough shape, with the label torn off and "Mario" written in pen across it. Despite the noticeable wear and tear, the seller states the cartridge works perfectly. Responding to claims that the cartridge was a reproduction, "muresan" attempted to verify the authenticity of it with the following statement on the listing.

"This question has popped up many a time since I posted the cartridge so here is the brief history on the cart as I know it to be: An Alt Newsgroups auction was held back in 1998 and purchased by thomaser in Norway. He traded to DreamTR, who sold to me maybe around 2004/05."

That seems to be good enough for the winning bidder, who will be shelling out big bucks for this piece of history.

What about you? Would you pay that high of a price for a piece of Nintendo history? Would you pay that much for something in that shape? Sound off in the comments below!

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