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Rare Find On Connecticut River Proves You Never Know What's Under The Water

Your Humble Author
Your Humble Author
Sean Crose

And you thought you knew everything about fishing in Connecticut.

In case you weren't watching the news, a prehistoric Atlantic Sturgeon was found on the banks of the Connecticut River this past spring. It was around seven feet in length and looked like something out of Jurassic Park. For the record, these fish are still known to exist – but they spend most of their time in waters far below the boundaries of Connecticut.

Just how long have Atlantic Sturgeon been around for, you may ask? Over fifty million years. Fifty million. That's a lot of zeroes to add to that fifty. It's also a lot longer than mankind has walked the earth. Gives you a sense of perspective, doesn't it.

The fact that an Atlantic Sturgeon was found in the northeast is undoubtedly interesting to biologists – and to Connecticut fisherman. Before you get any ideas of trying to catch one of these fascinating creatures with your rod and reel, however, it's best to keep in mind that to do so would be illegal. For the Atlantic Sturgeon is an endangered species. Best to just let them rebuild their population.

Still, the whole thing does illustrate the point that the fisherman really never does know what's under the water. That makes fishing exciting...and perhaps even a little threatening. What else, one may ask, might be swimming in the Connecticut River? Or in Connecticut's other rivers? Or in it's many lakes and ponds? And what about Long Island Sound? One can only imagine what's swimming under those waters?

Will the fact that a prehistoric fish was found to be living in the waters of contemporary Connecticut have a huge impact on fishermen this year? Probably not at all. What the find does indicate, however, is that assumptions oftentimes have to be thrown out the window – a fact which can be especially true when fishing in Connecticut.

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