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Rare female crocodile suffocated during rough sex

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The death of a very rare false gavial crocodile at the Amsterdam‘s Artis Zoo was the result of rough sex.

"In the end she couldn't handle the dominant mating behavior of the male gavial," according to officials, who noted that “male false gavials hold female down with their mouth "to show his superiority.”

While the female had "accepted this behavior," she ended up dying of suffocation. She also was found to have “multiple bites all over her body, especially around her neck,” they added.

Native to Malaysia, Borneo, Java, Sumatra and southern Myanmar, false gavial (aka Malayan gharial or Tomistoma schlegel), are freshwater crocodiles with a very thin and elongated snout. It is now estimated that there are less than 2,500 mature individuals left in the wild. Only 10 European zoos have a captive false gavial.

The Artis Zoo had been trying to for years to breed them for years, but when their resident pair failed to mate, they introduced the unfortunate new female in October. There is no word at this time whether they will try again. In the wild male false gavials can mate with multiple females.