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Rare baby camel: Endangered camel makes debut at zoo in Hungary

Bactrian camels
Bactrian camels
Wikimedia Commons

A rare baby camel made a splashing debut at a zoo in Hungary on April 15. According to Yahoo! News, the baby camel is an endangered wild Bactrian or Camelus bactrianus ferus species that was born last week. The little guy -- named Ilias -- will live with his mother at the Budapest Zoo.

Ilias is one of maybe 900 Bactrian camels living on earth. Researchers estimate about 800-900 of these camels live in the wild in areas like the Gobi desert in Mongolia and China but many are "domesticated." The birth of a healthy baby camel is a good sign though it's still likely that the species will go extinct over the next few decades.

The rare baby camel is certainly adorable but it's birth is more significant than just a cute animal to look at. The birth of an endangered species is a sign of hope and also a sign that maybe, just maybe, these animals will be around for a bit longer than they would have been.

The Budapest Zoo has been instrumental in helping Ilias get used to life. According to the report, he had some trouble getting milk from his mother when he was born but zoo officials helped the two connect.