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Raquel Welch talks anti-aging, being a sex symbol, and about her new book on Oprah


Raquel Welch on Oprah: About her new book, ad campaign, and beauty (Business Wire)

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She emerged from Hollywood in a doe-skin bikini and instantly became every man's realied vision of fantasy.  A mother of two at the time, Raquel Welch never set out to become a sex symbol, but over the years she became much, much more: sex symbol, mother, entrpreneur, model, and now, author.

On Monday, March 29, 2010, Raquel Welch appeared on the Oprah show to promote her new book, Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage.  The book, which is an entertaining blend of autobiography, advice, and personal philosophy, covers every topic that women like to chat about with other women - sex, love, family, forgiveness, career - and does so artfully, with class and humor.  Beyond the typical fluff about aging, Welch allows readers to understand that even women regarded as the world's most beautiful fear getting "older."  Discussing everything from the challenges that come with hitting age 40 to menopause to cosmetic surgery, Raquel Welch leaves nothing to imagination in Raquel: Beyond Cleavage

Unlike many other books on aging gracefully, Welch infuses Beyond Cleavage with the juicy scoop all women are secretly hoping for.  While she says on Oprah that kissing and telling is "tacky," she does reminisce about "spending time" with the likes of Dean Martin, and refers to Richard Burton as a "heat-seeking missle."  And Elvis, also known as "high octane," once invited Welch someplace she decided not to go, but never seduced Welch.

Beyond some of the juicy tales, Welch tells Oprah that sex is "hyped" and that it's a declaration of everything, the nuturing and caring between two people, and that we have become "a society of sexibitionists."

In the end, Welch's book and appearance on Oprah remind everyone that she's only human, but she's encouraging. As Raquel Welch said to Oprah, "it's just another part of life.  You need to get in the game, it's not time for you to give up and don't keep comparing yourself."  She admits that there is beauty in not being able to do the things she used to do. 


  • donna 5 years ago

    how can !you talk about ageing when you have face work done

  • Cookie 5 years ago

    She looks amazing for her age, facelift and all. She is absolutely beautiful, period!

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