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Rapping with Molly aka Joseline Hernandez

With the multitude of rumors circulating over this weekend via the internet, of Atlanta’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’, cast member Joseline Hernandez, drug problems and usage of the street drug known as ‘Molly’, mixed with the media rumors of the break-up between her and co-star Stevie J, this exclusive video footage, speaks for itself.

For quite sometime now, through the hip-hop community’s grapevine, rumors of drug use by both Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J have been circulating for quite sometime now. Hushed rumors of on set use of cocaine to PCP laced marijuana joints, have been kept under tight lipped until this weekend with the release of various versions of Hernandez in the studio, in what some would suggest, an obviously high and drunk Hernandez loses her mind.

Inside sources state that after the vulgar filled gibberish studio session, Hernandez continued on her binder, and engaged in somewhat questionable sexual acts with several of the crew who were videoing play by plays of her lude behavior.

Before her brief claim to what some might call fame, Hernandez was a struggling stripper, who was discovered by Stevie J, in which he promised her fame and success, which fell short due to lack of any musical talent skills on her part. In attempts to make his mistress famous, when Stevie was approached by the producers to do the reality show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, he had one condition, make his hoe a superstar.

Obviously that guarantee has yet to happen, however while the show itself manages to increase viewers and ratings, who knows the market for female rappers in broken English could pick up.

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