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Rapping about Christian side hugs


I was poking around the BoingBoing blog and found proof that Christians will never win the culture war - gangster rap about Christian side hugs.  (Behold video at the bottom.)

Having spent a lot of time in this culture I'm inclined to think this is a joke. (Front hugs are bad but gangster shootings are OK?) Most of the comments, however, show people think this is serious. Here's some feedback left on the site:

"These clowns are definitely going to hell."

"I'm simultaneously horrifed and disgusted."

"Christians...are institutional terrorists."

One of the other comments sums the problem up nicely, "Do us Christians really have that bad a reputation that no one thinks we have a sense of humor?"

This video is an excellent example of Poe's Law, which states it is hard to tell fundamentalism from parody because they are equally crazy. Internet forums aren't the greatest avenue for informed debate. A gangster rap about side hugs pops up and since there aren't any Christians around to provide a little perspective or context the video only serves as proof to skeptics that Christians are idiots.

What we can also see here is an example of the homogeneity and confirmation bias.

Individuals have a tendency to see members of the opposite group as having all the same color while members of their own group have different shades. They then tend to confirm this bias with evidence, whether or not it's true.

For doubters this side hug rap is just more evidence that all Christians are clueless and legalistic. For Christians this video is just an example of parody.

Photo credit: / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0