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Rapper YG helps Men's style with new Footaction partnership

Footaction and rapper YG have begun a collaboration to create a style series called "Style Means", which is great because style means different things to each person. He came to perform in New York at Irving Plaza and Footaction held a private event with him a few hours before the concert. Footaction has outfitted him for his entire tour and it plans to be an epic one. The influence of hip hop music and its artists factor a lot into men's wardrobe choices. Mostly the reason is due to the clothing, but the main factor is the confidence in which these artists' approach their music and business. YG, born Keenan Daequan Ray Jackson, hails from Compton, California and the hard life of the gangster culture had a big influence on him growing up. For young men to listen to this 24 year old rap and see where he is in life, it acts as motivation to them that anything can be endured where one will be a better person after.

The hip hop influence on style uses a person's body as a blank canvas where clothing with different colors and textures can be added to hairstyles, sunglasses, braceletes, watches and baseball caps to create an outfit that expresses the wearer's comfort with himself. The confidence that flows from putting together such an outfit eventually suggests that he or she will have a successful night on the town with friends and a fun night on the town. Possibly even a successful day at work, if the wardrobe code allows. A man should look at various pictures of YG and other rappers today to help with their own wardrobe choices. They should also take the picture down to their local store (local Footaction or other) and look for the same pieces or similar pieces which echo the same feeling. Watch the preview teaser by Footaction of the "Style Means" series here on this post.

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