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Rapper Que QNA gets a show with Rapper Layzie Bone and releases first mix tape

Source: Attain Records

Rapper/Singer Que QueNA releases Freshman Mixtape America's Orphan
Attain Records
Attain Records Intl. Rapper/Singer QueNA performing live with Layzie Bone
Attain Records

Attain Records released their first new artist Singer/Rapper QNa"on January 22, 2014. The Mixtape titled: "Americas Orphan" is now available on Dat Piff, one of the largest hip hop mix tape websites for free music downloads.

Que QNA is a Hip Hop artist born and raised in Queens, NY., his birth name is Jarad Cooke. Jarad moved around a lot while growing up, which is why his mix-tape is titled: "Americas Orphan". Que is the Co-founder of the Vegas based record label, Attain Records International. Que QNA started performing and singing from the time he could talk. He began rapping at the age of 13. Although rapping was his passion, it was his singing that offered him many opportunities to travel for work.

Singing, Rapping, and Songwriting is what formed Que QNA's new hit single "Brite Litez". This song shows both sides of this phenomenal musician's talent. Brite Litez sounds as if CeeLo Green and Kanye West teamed up on a track, except all the vocals were done by QNA - singing and rapping. This song doesn't disappoint, it shows edge for a new artist that clearly defines who "Que QNa" is. He is a trailblazer, a trendsetter who has a dynamic talent that will positively uplift hip hop to another level in creativity.

Que's hard work is finally paying off because according to Attain Records executive: Que is the opening act for Bone Thugs In Harmony's member Rapper Layzie Bone, set to perform on February 4, 2014 in Austin, Texas at Infest Bar. The Rapper is stoked and says: "I think its cool to perform with Layzie Bone, he was one of the rapper I listened to growing up, so its great to be able to perform on a platform for people you looked up to". When asked what artists inspired him Que responded:"I listen to a lot of different Artists, so T.I., Jay Z, Eminem, Lupe, .....All of them I feel was themselves and they always pushed toward the next level of their craft."

If you're in Austin, Tx or will be in Austin, please be sure to get your tickets to see QNA and Layzie Bone perform live.

Get your tickets here: TICKETS

Visit the following links to support and download Que QNA:

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