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Rapper Lil Kim is PREGNANT!

Surprise, Surprise who knew that rapper Lil Kim would step out at New York City’s Fashion week sporting a baby bump. Lil Kim is Pregnant! Kim was invited to perform at the Blonds after party fall 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Gilded Lily and attendees got to see her showing her small baby bump.

2014 Kim is about to welcome her first child
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Queen Bee of Rap Music Lil Kim is Pregnant
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39 year old Kim is excited to become a mom and she told US Weekly “I'm a few months along; I can't wait to be a mom!" She continued, "I'm a mom, but I can turn it up a little! ... I'm still going to work. I'm still going to be hardcore. The baby has made me even more of a beast!"

The start of 2014 has brought some joy to the once high profile rapper but Lil Kim is still dealing with some ugly legal matters. According to Perez Hilton Kim is being sued for $150,000 for using Canadian artist Samantha Ravndahl’s artwork on her single Dead Gal Walking which she released back in November of 2013. Kim used the image that she allegedly took from Ravndahl collection to promote her album on Instagram. The two will be settling this matter in court.

No word on when or if Lil Kim will be heading back into the studio to work on a new album and at this time Kim has chosen to keep the identity of the father out of the public.