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Rapper K Camp: Behind the scenes footage of the 'Turn Up' music video

Rapper K Camp filmed a music video for his new hit single: "Turn Up" featuring Yo Gotti on May 15, 2014. The shoot took place in Atlanta, Ga at 60 Frames film studio. On set was K Camp, his mom Shauna Marie A.K.A. Mama Camp, Manager J.R., Video Director G Visuals, Producer Randy Marshall, and some of the hottest female models in Atlanta. Also in attendance was a guest appearance from "Vh1's Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta" favorite new girl Erica Pinkett who is allegedly Lil Scrappy's love interest. While on set, K Camp took a moment with National Celebrity Examiner Tishea E. to discuss his current success, past experiences, and future music video release, "Turn Up".

On the set in Atlanta, GA of Rapper K Camp's video shoot for his song "Turn Up". May 15, 2014
On the set in Atlanta, GA of Rapper K Camp's video shoot for his song "Turn Up". May 15, 2014
Latishea Etienne
K Camp behind the scenes music video for "Turn Up"
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

The 24 year old Milwaukee born Kris Campbell's first major hit was "Money Baby" and he hasn't stopped there. Since the release of his Mix Tape titled: "In Due Time" last year 2013, he has had success with "Cut Off", and now "Turn Up". When asked how he chooses his singles he said: "I am very hands on with my music and to be honest, the "Streetz" pick my singles. When I write songs I put in what I like and I do what the people like cuz it's for them."

After the success of "Money Baby" it's been one hit after another "Cut that bitch off" was one single that wasn't supposed to get away according to Camp. He confessed: "I leaked that myself, it was not supposed to be out yet but I leaked it." and the Streetz ate it up! Camp says he's been in the game for 6 or 7 years. He advised other artists on their grind that: "You gotta have patience, faith, and confidence. You have to believe in yourself." He also said: "I envisioned myself being where I'm at today, I just knew I was going to be here. I'm #6 in the country because I believed it, I put into existence."

The "Cut Off" Rapper inked a major record deal with Interscope Records in "March 2014" but hasn't yet decided on a full album as of yet according to Billboard Magazine.

Speaking with "Mama Camp" K Camp's mom, she's a proud mom of her celebrity son. She's making strides of her own as a new cast member for a reality show featuring mom's of celebrity kids. She says that the success and fame has already begun speaking of her son's success - she's grateful and is ready for it.

The video for "Turn Up" looks sleek and has all the hip-hop elements you expect to see: hot girls, fast cars, hot rap music, top rappers, and concept.

Source: Billboard Magazine

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