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Rapper Hopsin releases new provocative video directed at God

Under the radar of mainstream hip hop, lies numerous rappers who are just as good or even better than the artists who get the spotlight. Native Los Angeles rapper Hopsin has always been seen as an externality in the industry because of his upfront, blunt and thought-provoking lyrics. He brings another level of thinking to his music that leaves listeners in a trance while listening to what he has to say.


Hopsin is a rapper who commonly talks about discrepancies with the government, the music industry and with human nature in general. In one of his protests against music industry, Hopsin refused several major label deals to start his own label called Funk Volume. Funk Volume has other big underground names such as Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton. All three rappers, have made the cover of XXL Magazine’s Freshmen. Hopsin made it back in 2012, Dizzy in 2013 and Benton this year. All three rappers carry a huge internet following.

Hopsin is a clear front runner of the label bringing insightful lyrics with a flow that cannot be denied as anything less than extraordinary. On Friday, Hopsin released a new music video under his most followed video series titled 'Ill Mind Of Hopsin.' The new video is the seventh installment of the series.

In every rap video Hopsin tends to call out a certain aspect of society that is corrupt, hypocritical or troubling. In past videos, he’s called out the music industry, wanna be rappers, Tyler The Creator, Lil Wayne, drug addiction, young people with entitlement issues and in this new video religion.

In his raps and videos, Hopsin has made it clear that he labels himself as a Christian and believes in God. In ‘Ill Mind of Hopsin 7’ the rapper honestly portrays his issues with religious establishments, human kind and God himself. The honesty pours through his words and makes the listener think about what he is saying and feeling. The distrust and conflict that Hopsin portrays in his words is hard not to feel when listening to the song. The rap is directed at God himself which makes it more enthralling. Here are quotable lyrics from the song,

You gave me the bible and expect me not to analyze it?
I’m frustrated and you provoked it
I’m not reading that motherf***ing book because a human wrote it
I have a f***ing brain; you should know it
You gave it to me to avoid every useless moment
It was a mission that I had to abort
Because humans be lying with such an inaccurate source

The video was written, directed and produced by Hopsin himself. The video already has close to two million views in two days. His most popular video was ‘Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5’ with close to forty million views. Will this seventh video surpass the fifth? It has the provocative lyrics to do so. Overall, Hopsin does not disappoint with this seventh video and shows that he is a rapper who takes music to another level and makes his listeners think about huge topics and issues.

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